Mind Control

Somehow a cold that I thought I got rid of has popped back up in my system. I am pissed about it, I mean who likes having a cold? Especially me because I cannot stand sitting and having to rest. I am an active person, and resting to me feels like being on a deathbed.

But tonight I went to the gym and I am glad I did. Working out not only relieves stress for me, but I believe when you are sick it is good to sweat out the cold in the gym. I am also a huge believer in the mind controlling the sickness.

How you think can make you stay sick, or it can help you get better. I believe when you sit at home when you are not feeling well the body and mind become down. When you are lying in bed watching television trying to get better it is hard not to feel crappy and wish you felt better. But wishing does not get you anywhere. However, when you go for a walk or go to the gym your mind and body feel alive, even if you feel weak.

When you can change your mindset into thinking your way out of sickness it can show in your everyday life too. The fight to heal yourself through your thinking is like fighting your way through life. It is a grind, it is a process, but the idea is to get better.

So next time you are sick change your mind into thinking your way to feel better instead of lying around feeling miserable. Not only will you control the sickness, but you will control your life through a strong, positive mind.


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